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Best Private Search Engines in 2020

Search engines are the gateway to the Internet. There are those who live off your search habits and others who respect your privacy. They are integrated into the web browser of all your connected devices. Whether you are a PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad, smart TV, video game consoles … All devices with Internet access have browsers and these, in turn, integrate search engines. It is the most optimal way we have to access social networks, web pages and online services and products.

And although the leader of the search engines is Google, there are a lot of search engines that entrust the task of finding addresses and content interesting. From generic search engines to specialized search engines through metasearch engines, which show results from several search engines on the same page.

However, one of the aspects that should concern us the most when using a search engine, as is the case with social networks or any online service, is privacy. To what extent will anonymous or personal data or your browsing and search habits be preserved?


We started with a metasearch engine based in Germany and has been with us since 1996. MetaGer is available in several languages, including Spanish. And as its main page indicates, you will have control over your data and, best of all, its managers are not for profit, that is, there is no company behind that wants to earn money.

As for search results, MetaGer uses the popular search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex and others are not so well known as Scopia, Netluchs or Qualigo. As for the type of content, you can search for links but also images, products or news.

MetaGer can be integrated into Google Chrome, it has its own app, a mapping service based on OpenStreetMap. By default, it will show results in German, but once you change the filter to your language and region, you will get more suitable results for your search.


There are two objectives of Givero , a search engine that offers access to other search engines. The first objective, protect your privacy. The second objective, to promote just causes.

Regarding this second topic, the more you use the search engine, the more points you will get to collaborate with causes that you can choose yourself. If you do not choose any, the donations will be distributed among all.

Givero allows you to search for links, find images on Google, Bing, Pixabay or 500px, maps on Google or Bing and videos on YouTube or Vimeo. When you do a search on Givero, you will see links and addresses according to the search of Bing, Google, YouTube and Wikipedia. But if you are looking for specific content, by clicking on the corresponding dropdown, Givero will search for you and open the results in those other search engines.


Another search engine that protects your privacy is Ecosia. In addition, it has the objective of planting trees and being respectful of nature. With the advertising they insert in the results, they cover expenses and invest in repopulating wooded areas.

Regarding privacy, Ecosia stores your data temporarily, they do not sell your search habits to third parties and your searches are encrypted to be anonymous.

As a search engine, Ecosia integrates content from different sources. In addition, you can search for links but also images, videos, maps, etc. You can also go directly to the sources used to search, such as Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, Bing, and Google. And, if you are concerned about your Internet security, remember that if you are a Movistar client you can enjoy the Secure Connection service to protect your Movistar network browsing without installing apps on your devices. Activate it for free if you are a Merger Client or if you have a contract line.

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Best Atom Packages for Web Developers

Atom is a very complete text editor specialized in programming. Compatible with the most popular languages, it allows you to write code and program comfortably from your Windows or Linux PC or from your Mac with macOS.

Best Atom Packages

In addition, among its many functions, the possibility of installing themes that change its appearance and plugins that add new features stands out. Specifically, almost 9,000 plugins that you can install from their plugins or packages page.

You just have to find what you need, and if you find the right package, click Install to install the plugins in Atom. Here are some of the most recommended.


We started with Kite, a plugin that adds a programming assistant based on Artificial Intelligence to Atom. Specifically, it is used to write code in Python or JavaScript.

Its purpose is to write code faster saving shortcuts and recurring combinations. To use it, in addition to having Atom you will need to install the main Kite app and the plugin that will link.

Among other things, it offers documentation indicating what each symbol or element consists of. You can search for it or place the cursor on it. It also has autocompleted and its own commands.


Along with a good code editor, a Terminal like the one integrated by Platformio-IDE-Terminal in Atom cannot be missing. In addition to the terminal, it integrates API and PlatformIO IDE.

Among its peculiarities, it has its own selection of commands with shortcuts. Otherwise, it supports multiple open instances simultaneously, colour highlighting, drag and drop of files and folders, etc.


A well-written code can also be nice, especially if you accompany it with Atom-Beautify, a plugin for Atom with which to embellish code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C, C ++, C #, Objective-C, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Coldfusion, SQL, etc.

Among other things, you can beautify all the code or only specific languages. All commands are available in the command palette.


As the name suggests, the Script runs scripts based on a file name, code selection, or line number. This makes it easier to automate tasks.

Its commands can be launched from the command palette or with the corresponding key combinations, such as ESC to close the script window or CTR + Q to kill the script process **.


If you are a web developer, Emmet will be very useful for you, since it allows programming in HTML and CSS with the help of code snippets by default. In addition, with the tabulator, you can complete abbreviations.

And as usual, in other Atom plugins, it has a varied selection of commands that you can execute directly or launch with keyboard shortcuts.


Having doubts is normal, and if we talk about code, the answers are usually in Stack Overflow. With the Ask-Stack plugin, you can consult doubts and ask questions in Stack Overflow from a panel integrated into Atom.

Along with this integration, it will be easier for you to copy or insert code snippets, find topics of your interest in the forum or filter by answers or tags.

Turbo JavaScript

Another plugin to write faster code is Turbo JavaScript. This time it is designed to offer you JavaScript code snippets to save time and effort writing code.

Among other things, you can complete JavaScript and Typescript code with commands and fragments that you can retrieve and learn in no time.