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How To Turn Your Android Phone Into a Gaming Console

Do you spend a lot of time playing on your mobile? The large touch screen and the ever-improved graphics invite you to do it, without a doubt. There have never been so many amenities to enjoy this type of leisure. But … can it be overcome? Know this tool.

Android Phone Into a Gaming Console

The smartphones are with us and everywhere. They are not “only” used to make calls, like the first mobile terminals, but we use them for everything: even to control temperature and fever or pay for any purchase.

Of course, they also serve to entertain us. In fact, this is perhaps the area to which we spend more time every day with our mobile. Social networks, Internet, YouTube videos … And now, also, video games.

Smartphones and Gaming

Despite the appearance of new console formats and its notable improvements, mobiles gain prominence in gaming due to the great comfort that playing from anywhere, including away from home, implies. What’s more, some brands already manufacture models oriented to this function, such as the Asus Rog Phone 2, the Nubia Red Magic 3S or the Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro, among others.

In this regard, the Razer phone company has just announced a major advance. It is a device, called Kishi, that allows you to turn your phone into a console.

It is not the first to do so, since there are already a few others with the same objective, but they do not work as fast as this one.

Very Low Latency

Or that, at least, is what they imply on their website. The reason? The phone connects to Kishi via the USB-C port, in the case of Android and Lightning, in the case of iOs, instead of Bluetooth technology. This allows the latency to be “ultra-low”, that is to say, that the operation of the game is very fluid, without stopping every so often; just what any gamer needs. Can you imagine how annoying it can be in the middle of a game that the screen freezes?

With this feature, Razer aims to outperform its competition and offer the best possible gaming experience, incidentally becoming a leader and reference in this promising sector.

Cloud Gaming

For this reason, Kishi incorporates the latest trends in the world of video games and allows access to games in the cloud (Cloud Gaming), available on various platforms such as Google Stadia, Project xCloud from Microsoft or NVIDIA GeForce NOW.

Easy and Adjustable

Its operation is very simple. It is a device that adapts to the terminals, allowing them to be inserted between the two parts of the remote, without the need for any other external element.

Comfortable and adjustable, it looks like a Nintendo Switch, but in reality, the engine is not a console as such, but your smartphone, converted into one. On each side it has a series of triggers, buttons and other movement functions; much more agile, of course, than the touch screen of the phone.

As a novelty, Kishi announces that it can be charged while you are using it. Although it is a useful solution when the battery runs out, it is not highly recommended to abuse it: in the same way that it happens with mobiles, its use during charging causes overheating and this can damage it.

At the end of last year, Razer launched another very similar command to the market: Junglecat . Its appearance and dynamics are almost identical to the recent Kishi, although it does not include the new capabilities mentioned: charging during use, access to Cloud Gaming and “ultra-low latency”; it works via Bluetooth.

For all users, Android and iOs
Another big difference between them is that the first is only available for Android systems, while the second is also intended for iOs. Right now they can enjoy the terminals with Android 8 onwards, but it is planned to adjust to the iPhone in the coming months.

Its price is 89 euros, although it is believed that the version for Apple will cost somewhat more. If you are interested, you can buy it directly on their website or search for alternatives that are compatible with your mobile. This sector, in reality, has only just begun, so it is foreseeable that new possibilities will emerge, even for terminals several years ago.